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13 April 2022   |
John Deo
Halal Tours and Islamic Civilization of Morocco
Halal Tours and  Islamic Civilization of Morocco

Morocco Halal Tours

If you are planning to have Halal tours, yet an amazing one, you can certainly visit Morocco! It is the link between eastern and western civilizations. Today, Magic Lamp Tours agency puts within your hands your dream trip! Depending on our great experiences with different nationalities of tourists. Espicially, with Arab and Southeast Asian tourists.

Magic Lamp Tours agency offers you Halal tours with all the needs in accordance with Muslim beliefs. We offer programs that respect prayers time in addition to, providing suitable places to do them. We also provide Halal meals from the Moroccan cuisine. It is famous for its diversity in ingredients. Many cultures over the centuries has inspired the Moroccan cuisine. Currently,it is the second best cuisine in the world. You can easily distinguish the Moroccan dishes with the delicious herbs and spices.

Magic lamp tours agency offers different Halal tours to Islamic and Historic cities and sites. Morocco has cities was built thousands of years ago. They lived different ages including the Islamic age. So, it gives the country a unique character. You can notice the Islamic architectural character on the buildings and Mosques. Moreover, it has also affected the Andalusian civilization. The Koutoubia Mosque{ the twin tower of Giralda, in Seville, Spain }is a very good example.



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Welcome To Morocco

There are many places you can choose to visit in our tours. For example, in Casablanca, the city of Islamic heritage, there is the beautiful Mosque of King Hassan II. It is one of the biggest Mosques in Africa and the world. In the magical Marrakech you can visit the Koutoubia Mosque coupled with Djemaa El Fna. In Fes you would like to visit one of the oldest universities Al-qarawiyyin in addition to, the Mosque of Bouanania. We will not exaggerate saying that Morocco is an open air museum. That is to say, each and every building has an artistic and sometimes spiritual taste. Only walking down the streets of Morocco without visiting any place would leave its impact on you.

All what you need to do now is to contact us to plan your special tours that meet your needs and wishes!


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