FAQ for the common questions for those who want to visit Morocco:
1. Is it safe to travel around Morocco by myself (Alone/ Female Travel alone around Morocco) ?

Absolutely yes, a solo woman can travel by herself in Morocco. It is one of the safest nations all over the world.

it is advisable to wear decent clothes that cover till the coughs when you are in the country side areas or the sacred places where religious traditions are practiced. In big cities it is quiet common to see women with short pants…

2. What time of the year is advisable to travel around Morocco ?

The best time to travel around Morocco is the period that ranges from late September to late June, However; summer time is and can be appreciated for many to travel during its period.

3. How cold or hot does it get in the Sahara desert?

Generally, nights from October to February are a little bit cold and it is recommended to bring thick clothes for the desert night, however; nights from May are just cool.

4. I’m taking a camel ride to the Sahara desert; do I need to bring the entire luggage with me on a camel?

It is not necessary, you will just take few stuffs for the desert night and the rest of your luggage will be left safely in a locked room till we come back. Our nomad tents are equipped to assure a mindful and everlasting stay.

5. I’m travelling by my own car and i need one night with camel trek into the Sahara desert, is it possible to be arranged within Magic Lamp Tours services?

Sure, just let us know when you get in to Merzouga and we will be happy to provide you with the full information for the desert camel ride trip.

6. I’m interested to travel with MagicLampTours, but the tour I’m looking for does not figure out in the samples suggested, is it possible to build my own trip in Morocco?

Yes, MagicLampTours gives you this chance, moreover, it puts beyond your hands a flexible team with enormous experience who will be glad to prepare everything like you want, and if you choose to change anything in short notice, they will take care of it just the way your mind perceives.

7. Does your Travel Agency have family prices?

Absolutely, MagicLampTours  has discounts for families travelling with children, and we wilAbsolutely, MagicLampTours  has discounts for families travelling with children, and we will be happy to host them like ours.l be happy to host them like ours.

8. How long does the camel ride take?

The camel trekking takes less than two hours to arrive to the tents and pictures can be easily taken from the top of the camel. The camels are so wonderful desert creatures.

9. I’m travelling to Morocco; do i need to bring travel insurance?

Yes, it’s recommended to have your own travel insurance, even though all cars in Morocco must have insurance. Moreover, we take all the procedures for the safety of our guests.

10. Are the tours suggested private?

Yes, all the tours are private with the exception of willing to join a collected group. Please contact us for availability and prices. if you seek an authentic Moroccan experience and you have a lot of questions just dont hesitate to contact your tours agency MagicLampTours. we decide so because you deserve the best.